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Spotlight Players: Brian Gomes, Chris Gonzales, Mike Kelly, Tine Hardeman

April 17, 2002- Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly Mike Kelly Jump Shot

1988-1989 22 54.3 1 100 77.1 309 14.0 93 4.2 61 42 3 28 --
1987-1988 28 50.8 1 20.0 81.5 403 14.4 180 6.4 73 130 67 9 46

Mike wore the Warrior uniform from 1987-1989 and is widely considered as having the most successful professional career of any former Warrior. He has spent most of his professional career in Australia and has received the following honors: ABA MVP, NBL Finals MVP, and NBL Best Defensive Player. This interview was conducted by Michael Payne via email.

How long have you been playing professionally & how did you get your start?
"I graduated from Westmont in 1989 and left to play in Taiwan about 3 months later. I played one year there and came to Australia the next year. I have played here in Australia ever since. I can't believe it, but this is my 13th season here."

What team are you currently playing for?
"I currently play for the Townsville Crocodiles. Townsville in on the Northeast coast of Australia."

How much longer do you plan on playing?
"I have one more year on my contract. I will turn 35 in November so I'm not sure how much longer I'll play. My wife Annette likes it here and Townsville is a great place to raise our 2 girls (2 and 3 years old) so we may sign again if we are offered a contract. Otherwise I might have to get a real job."

Do you plan on staying in Australia when your playing career is over?
"We've always said that we would come home when I have finished playing ball, and I always thought it would be much sooner than this. Our plan is to come home."

When you are done playing, what's next? Is coaching a possibility?
"I would like to coach college ball but who know what will happen."

What is your most memorable experience playing for Westmont?
"When I think back on my Westmont playing days I remember some great games and special moments but mostly I think about the special people. Coach K set the tone and there was quality right throughout. It was a fantastic place to go to school and play ball and I know that I was lucky to find it."

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Spotlight Players: Brian Gomes, Chris Gonzales, Mike Kelly, Tine Hardeman