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Toward the end of the season each player is asked to speak and create a "thought for the day". This is Jon Greene's contribution and it is a nice microcosm for the season.

Westmont Basketball 98-99 "Low and Wide"

by Jon "Tilt" Greene

In the beginning, the season seemed like an eternity to go
Trying to pass the mile was our number one goal, just ask Monroe
For some, running these courses dreaded our minds
Coyote, Ashley and Westmont were routes of all kinds

Then there was that lovely weekend retreat
For us freshmen, we took a back seat
Not knowing what to expect, we picked up on certain cues
But some of us had no clue we would be singing the blues

Kearns pulled out the dice while enjoying this time to the fullest
But the freshmen, we were sweating bullets
Gomes, Hahn, Knabke and Joe all got their kicks
As the newcomers busted their moves in the mix

Slowly this team bonded together into one
We got to know each other, meanwhile having lots of fun
As practices began we came together even more
Coming ready to play as soon as we walked in the door

Brian Gomes lead the way with intensive play
As for Knabke, giving out elbows made his day
Falconer was a guard with sweet game
Yet who could shake with the best? Baik was his name

Although he wasn't the best singer
Papa still possessed the magic finger
Ryan Monroe was all money with his bleached hair
While Eley pulled out moves that most others wouldn't dare

Joe Ortiz was quick and he could leap
Even though his favorite past time was to sleep
Then there was Jon Justin who was athletic and strong
Meanwhile Powell and Green played 1 on 1 all day long

Now the season is winding down to and end
And it's great to reflect on the time we spent
But we are not yet done
We still have a little time with each other to have our fun

The relationships we make in basketball will always be with us
So cherish every moment we're together and make no fuss
We are one team united with a common goal
To win with a moment never being dull